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Time to offer food delivery? Read this first!


With more Australians having less time on their hands, it’s no wonder that food delivery has become an expected part of the restaurant industry. The delivery sector has grown beyond cheap, calorie laden Chinese takeaways and Margarita pizzas, and is now wide open to a range of high quality food.

Delivery isn’t all about the convenience.

Australians are so busy with life, work, kids and commuting, studies have shown that having the option of healthy food delivered to the home or office is the main driver in saving time and energy. Everything from smoothie bowls, to sushi meals are being delivered across Australian cities.  Aussies are spending a whopping $2.6 billion a year on take-out and delivered food. Home and office delivered food is becoming the fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry.

Trial it!

If you’re nervous about taking your first steps in the world of food delivery, take advantage of a trial delivery through a local company.  Don’t be afraid to speak to the delivery company in question, and ask for guidance. They know the industry inside out and will offer the best advice on food deliveries that work best. It is also important for you to talk to your current customers. Conduct a survey via your social media channels, and get a feel for how much interest there is. There’s no point offering a service there isn’t a demand for.

According to Foodora, its top five ordering postcodes are 2010 (Surry Hills, Darlinghurt, Sydney CBD), 3000 (Melbourne CBD), 2000 (Sydney CBD, Haymarket, The Rocks, Barangaroo), 3141 (South Yarra) and 4000 (Brisbane CBD) –

Create the right menu?

People want their food delivered for convenience purposes, but they don’t want to sacrifice on quality. It’s likely your delivery customers have eaten with you before. This means they will know what to expect when it comes to the quality you offer. Be careful to ensure that your food is travelling well. Creating an entire “delivery” menu can be helpful, as it means you only send out the food you’re sure will arrive in perfect condition. We all want happy customers.

Restaurants are no longer curious about delivery. They want this, they want to make it work, and they’re hiring extra chefs for a separate section that only caters for delivery

Food Delivery Attracts Millennials!

Choosing to offer delivery from your restaurant is an excellent way to attract more millennial customers. Studies have shown that millennials value convenience and instant accessibility over cost, so they’re throwing money at restaurants who deliver.

It’s a good idea to use more than one delivery service. Millenial customers are generally loyal to one particular delivery company, Foodora for example. Offering more than one option will give you a wider audience. DO NOT sign any contracts that have exclusivity clauses.

Offering a food delivery option to your customers, means you are able to open a whole new revenue stream. If you’re looking to boost your sales, delivery is the key to growing your brand!  Whether you’re trying to fill quieter evenings or weekday lunches, delivering can open the door to a whole new customer. Always be sure that you can service your delivery market to the same level as your current customers. A disappointing delivery is a sure way to halt a returning customer in their tracks.

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