We can send chefs and staff to any venue or location across Australia!

Think it’s too hard to find a good temporary chef if you aren’t based in one of the major cities? Think again!

Regional and remote chefs

Any type of chef. Any type of hospitality business. Anywhere in Australia… and that includes remote and regional areas.

We call ourselves Australia's premier chef recruitment agency for a reason!

I Need A Chef has made a name for ourselves partially on the skill and expertise of our temporary chefs, and partially on our ability to supply talented staff to all corners of our great continent, including:

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Why choose us as your hospitality agency?

Owned and operated by hospitality professionals, we love this industry and the people in it.
Temp chefs Brisbane

Cost Effective

Excellent temporary rates and the best pricing structure for permanent placements in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Full Induction Process

All our staff have been vetted via our interview and induction process to ensure they're ready to work.

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Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies in recruitment, staff scheduling and management.

As hospitality professionals, we have a unique insight into what hospitality businesses like yours want in a staff member. We’re driven to help you get the right person for the job!

Regional or remote fly-in, fly-out placements

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Newcastle, we're able to send staff to the furthest reaches of Australia.

We have a database full of hospitality professionals who, at short notice, can board a plane and be in any state in a matter of days.

It's this pool of willing temporary chefs that allows us to send an expert chef to your hospitality business, whether you're based in the top end, the middle of the Red Centre or Tasmania's Surf Coast.

Combine that with a huge range of different skills and specialisations, and we've been able to help out all sorts of hospitality businesses.

We currently have staff working in 5 star resorts in tropical Queensland, pubs in Tasmania and on mining contracts in WA. There's no part of Australia we can't get to. Speak to us today regarding short and long-term contracts!

Contact I Need A Chef for regional chefs

Australia is a big country, with many hospitality businesses sprinkled throughout.

While hospitality businesses operate throughout the country, owing to our continent’s remoteness and the distances involved, it can be hard to find a temporary chef if you’re based outside of the major centres.

Luckily, I Need A Chef can help!

In addition to urban areas, our temporary chefs can also hop onto a plane and start working at any location in Australia, including remote and regional areas.

Our temporary chefs can work in all sorts of hospitality businesses and kitchens. Give us a call today!

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With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Newcastle, we're able to send staff to the furthest reaches of Australia.

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350,000+ Shifts Covered Australia Wide
350,000+ Shifts Covered Australia Wide

We believe we have one of the best call out rates for chefs and kitchen staff in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, yet we remain open to discussing different pricing structures that work for your establishment .

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If you later decide you would like to take one of our staff on permanently, we also offer the best price structure in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.