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Favouring Vegan options will help halt climate change


Vegan diets are only going to become more popular with this weeks news urging us to avoid eating meat in order to halt climate change.

It turns out that Australians are coming out on top when it comes to food trends. Yes, the Aussies are leading the way with the world’s top food trend; Veganism.  It may not be a new trend, but Australians still have the gold medal for Googling the word “vegan” and it couldn’t be a more important time to make a change to plant based diets!

It’s almost impossible for you to ignore videos of animal cruelty, or pictures of mega farms and depressed looking animals. The way we’re producing food seems to forever be in the spotlight, and Australia is making a change. More and more Australians are questioning their way of eating, and making the move to plant-based diets. Plant-based diets are only going to become more popular with this weeks news urging us to avoid eating meat in order to halt climate change.

‘In rich nations, the dietary changes required are ever more stark. UK and US citizens need to cut beef by 90% and milk by 60% while increasing beans and pulses between four and six times. However, the millions of people in poor nations who are undernourished need to eat a little more meat and dairy’ – The Guardian

We all strive to be healthier than ever before, and now, with technology at our fingertips, becoming Vegan isn’t the minefield it once was. We’re no longer curious, “wanna be” vegans, we’re educated, hungry, and quickly realising that this may be the way forward. Australians have more Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants than ever and consumers are enjoying them. However, it’s time that everyone in the hospitality industry made way for a more environmentally conscious way of eating , not only for the health of customers, but also to reduce the amount of waste.

About a third of food produced today never reaches the table.

If you’re looking to appeal to millennials, you will need to up your game when catering for vegans and vegetarians. If your menu isn’t diverse when it comes to the range of plant based options, your restaurant will be overlooked.

It’s all about the choices!

Tailoring your menu entirely for vegans and vegetarians may not be the best move. However, understanding the impact of your menu on climate change could really benefit your business.

‘Some vegans refuse to eat in restaurants that serve meat, so even if you do offer a variety of choices, you may still be unable to appeal to certain customers.’


It’s time to capitalise on a trend that keeps on growing whilst also doing your bit for the planet.

Not recognising the huge rise in ‘Veganism’, and ‘Flexitarian’ diets could mean missing out on valuable opportunities. It may also mean losing that competitive edge you took so long to build.

‘Researchers found a global shift to a “flexitarian” diet was needed to keep climate change even under 2C, let alone 1.5C. This flexitarian diet means the average world citizen needs to eat 75% less beef, 90% less pork and half the number of eggs, while tripling consumption of beans and pulses and quadrupling nuts and seeds.’ – The Guardian

There really is no need to overhaul an already great restaurant in favour of an entirely plant based menu. You know what works for your customers. Making small changes like reducing meat and dairy options are all that’s needed to reduce your carbon footprint, and quite possibly increase footfall.


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