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Create an experience with our Gold Coast Chef agency


Our Gold Coast chef agency wants every one of your customers to be whispering “what a great experience” as they leave your restaurant. We want your customers to return whether they’ve had a quick tray of fast food or a 9 course degustation menu. We’d love them to come back, time and time again. Our highly trained kitchen staff will help create the best dining experience possible.

The restaurant industry here in Australia is fast becoming crowded and hugely competitive. Restaurant owners are having to go above and beyond in order to compete, and regularly have to switch things up to stay on top. That’s why using a Gold Coast Chef Agency when you are looking for staff is a great way to get the right staff every time.

At I Need a Chef, we understand how critical it is to have a strong team on which to create a great dining experience for everyone who walks through your doors. As well as sourcing the right staff here are some critical points that will push you to the top.

Quality ingredients

There’s no possible way you can deliver high end dining experiences without quality ingredients. Think about where you’re sourcing from, where the food is produced and if possible meet with the producers. Customers are becoming increasingly investigative when it comes to what they are ingesting. Staff who can relay a list of famers on request are great weapons in your restaurant’s armoury. Our Gold Coast Chef agency can provide fully qualified kitchen staff and personal chefs. 


The ambience you create in your restaurant isn’t necessarily much to do with the colour of the walls. It’s more to do with the staff you hire and the way the restaurant is run. The quality of your staff has a huge impact on the ambience inside your venue, regardless of the music you are playing. If your front and back of house can work seamlessly as one, the ambiance will be on point. This is where our Gold Coast chef agency can help!


The choices you make about the look and feel of your restaurant can be the difference between a customer returning or not. Think about how loud the music is. How comfortable are the furnishings? How easily accessible the venue is for the elderly or disabled? The theme that you choose will impact what your patrons are ordering from the menu and the bar.

Research shows that the decor you use in your restaurant has a significant effect on your diners. Nautical themes encourage patrons to order seafood, and diners are more likely to order drinks that suit the theme of the restaurant.


People may be flocking to your brand new foodie haven, but unless you have superstar staff to match your ‘Instagrammable’ menu, you may as well shut the doors. The right staff will be the cherry on top, and the last piece of the ‘profitable restaurant’ puzzle.   Unifying all staff and encouraging communication among them is key to having that top restaurant people want to return to time and time again. Using a Gold Coast chef agency to hire the best possible people for the job is crucial.

Giving staff the incentives to take the customers dining experience to the next level is as important as what’s on the plates.

At our Gold Coast chef agency, we provide fully qualified Chefs & Kitchen Staff. We specialise in temporary and permanent placements to the industry, as well as personal chefs in your home.

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