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Looking for chef jobs in Sydney? Here’s where you need to train

looking for a chef job in sydney

Get Chef jobs in Sydney!

With a mixture of cultures from all over the world, Sydney’s culinary landscape is as diverse as it is exciting. Whether you want to cook Asian, Italian, modern Australian or Greek food – there’s a huge variety of chef jobs to be found. If you want to stand out from the pack then a recognised qualification is the best way to ensure you land your dream job as a Chef.

There are many places you can train to be a chef, both in Australia and overseas. Luckily for us, Australia is seen as one of the top culinary destinations with a myriad of food options. The Australian melting pot is a fantastic place to begin your culinary journey.

If you are training to be a professional chef, or simply want to learn more and expand certain skills, there is a school to suit your needs. From general cooking practices to specialised techniques like patisserie, you can be sure that if you study at one of the following schools then you will have no problem finding a chef job – either in Sydney or the world!

Here’s our list of the best places to gain your qualifications in Australia.

Top Culinary schools in Australia

Le Cordon Bleu Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne)

A world renowned culinary institution that was originally founded in 1895. With campuses located around the world, it’s training focusses on hospitality management, gastronomy, patisserie and the culinary arts. A qualification from this school will most certainly open the doors to any number of chef jobs in Sydney.

chef jobs sydney

Academia International (Brisbane and Melbourne)

This commercial cooking school teaches students how to work at Prep Cook and Demi Chef De Partie levels, focussing on the skills required for the hospitality and commercial cooking industry.

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

The CIT is a vocational education provider that offers courses on commercial cookery, butchery, bakery catering, patisserie, food safety, hygiene and kitchen management. Utilising practical experience in the real world, these courses are suitable for both trainees or professionals looking to increase their knowledge.

chef jobs sydney

Australian College of Applied Education (Perth)

The first private hotel school in Australia, they offer a variety of culinary courses via their School of Culinary Arts.

TAFE (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney)

With campuses in Ryde NSW, Melbourne and South Australia, TAFE offers a wide variety of courses from bakery, patisserie to more generalised areas within the culinary field. Their real-world training ensures you are ready for a chef job once you have graduated.

And there you have it! Make sure you sign up to a culinary course at one of these schools and get yourself off to the right start for applying for chef jobs in Sydney!

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